About Wladimir Putin

This person seams to make Europeans a lot of trouble. The “usual” information about him can be found here. I want to look onto him from his body structure. We know he holds the degree of Hanshin, 8th Dan in Judo, which he has been training since he was 11 years old. We also know that he has been an KGB office before as well.
His Body structure could be said to be athletic on the first view. Strong legs, small butt, sexy heep, strong chest and wide shoulders. The head, a little bit too small for this massive body.

The first thing I observed are his wide shoulders, like all the energy got caught up in the shoulders. Looking a bit more close, the chest is like a barrel, like a ton, guarding the heart. Thus we can say the heart chakra is heavily guarded and a shoulder-shield is protecting it from the top.
His hip is sexy, but looks like a cut between lower body and upper body, like being disconnected. The belly is strong, well trained and governed by the fire chakra above. No space for emotions and the armoured heart doesn’t leave space to connect and thus for empathy. The small sexy butt indicates overregulation. Keep the ass together, just stand it.

Lowen would call this body type psychopath. It shows the treason the person experienced as a child and wants that never to happen again. This is one side, another side is a small little self inside, which needs protection through greatness, protection from humilation.

What I’m afraid of is, that every step back in Ukraine, Putin will see as humilation and act accordingly. The guy is dangerous, very dangerous.

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