I’m back

Some things have changed since I wrote here, I’m back in Germany since quite some time. I made an additional education here to become a Heilpraktiker for Psychotherapy. So now, it’s time to also come back to this blog in these difficult times. How will they be called in 50 years? The Corona-Times? Or will it fade out of the common memory, like the last pandemic in Germany did, back in 1964 – the black pox. Sounds like black death, but well we know today, different bacteria. Interestingly the desease called black death jumped from rodents to humans in China. Bats are also rodents, right? They are under suspicion to be the origin of this Corona virus. Nature is striking back! Does it really? Has nature something like an instinct of selfpreservation? I don’t think I can ask like that. Nature, or better to say, what I understand under nature is the system of beings, plants, earth, water and air, which surrounds this planet and makes life possible, thus any life is a member of this system and again a system by itself. Every life form has also that, what we call instinct for selfpreservation, although that might look a bit strange, when the wife eats the man, as the black widow spider does. The corona virus expresses its instinct of selfpreservation through mutations – Omikron is called the last one of concern. Adabtability the expression of natures instinct of selfpreservation even if some things go bye, bye, like dinosaurs. So if we humans are too slow, to stubborn or stupid to adapt, we might share the fate of these dinosaurs.

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