Bumped into a wall

Again… So here it goes:
Yesterday I first came to a “paradise shop”. They had everything there, shoes, rain protection and more, so I got a new mat for under the sleeping bag. Smaller, softer and less weight 🙂
In the evening I wanted to walk until Kama-Daishi, which is on the way to Enmeiji (#54). When I came to a convenient store, 1km away, I was asking the guy there, if one can pitch up a tent there, the answer was “no way”. So I stayed near the convini in a little park. No roof, no water and no toilet there. Anyway, weather was nice, the moon shining, I went to sleep. What a surprise, when I woke up, it was not only raining, it came down in torrents. The weather forecast said something different and waiting didn’t help, so now the tent isn’t dry anymore.
After a short walk I arrived at Kama-Daishi and what a surprise! Roof, water toilet, even a plug for charging, everything there. The place under the roof would have been big enough for the tent and Daishi Sama could have guarded my dreams 🙂
This was not the first time, I believed others more then my intuition. Every time I pay a price for not listening. I need to learn to listen better to my inner self. Will I learn this lesson finally?