Rain drops

…are falling on my head was the song of today instead of Deep Purple’s Stormbringer. The typhoon took a turn right out on the pacific ocean. No strong winds only rain, continuos rain, neither heavy nor dripping, just rain. My thoughts turned around that song, reminding me on the first kiss. It was the end of the year, party time. In Brixen in Tirol skiing. It was very romantic in the kitchen of a mountain hut, snow outside and that song playing on the radio. Do you remember your first kiss?
And I got wet from inside out as well as from outside in. Although equipped with a nice orange poncho and rain trousers, I was wet down to the bones. It started yesterday evening, when I was sitting in front of my tent, just after finishing my dinner, slowly the first drops were falling down, I grabbed everything and crawled into the the tent, listening to the raindrops. In the morning it was still raining, luckily there was a barn nearby. So I could pack things without everything getting totally wet. It continued all the way up to Kongōchōji until I finally took shelter in a place at Tano. It was a strange day. Around noon I ate ramen (noodle soup) at some place and got literally thrown out after, the shop is now closing, understood? Said the guy behind the tender. I also received a mail, that my google-adsense account was deactivated. I just wondered and moved on. Rain drops are falling on my head…
The day before the weather report was wrong, it was warm, if not to say hot. The night before I unintentionally spent in a fisherman’s house. I just wanted to eat something and ended up with drinking beer – the glass was filled from all sides again and again – and pushing arms in a pub. On the end I stayed in the room of that fisherman, who called me into the pub in the beginningp.
Yesterday I went up to Hotsumisakiji, the place where Kūkai did the morning star meditation, called Gumonjihō. Actually he didn’t do it exactly there but on a place called Mikuradō, a cave, with a nice view and prone to get rheuma there as it is drafty and quite wet. Well Kūkai was still young then, when his teacher Gōnzo taught him. It was probably on this place that he decided to change his name to Kū – Air and Kai – sea. I missed the place when I went up to Hotsumisakiji, so I went back and just made it still to Shinshōji I’m time 🙂

20120605-223229.jpgKokuzo Raindrops are falling on our head …

Holidays over

Become like water is one of the famous sayings from Bruce Lee. Water is so powerful that it always finds it’s way in, at least into my shoes. In the late afternoon I passed by Meitokuji, a place known as zenconyado, where pilgrims can stay for free. The sky over the sea looked awfully black. But no one was there, so I moved on. A little bit later it started pouring from these black clouds like crazy. With the help of my nice orange poncho and some 200¥ rain trousers I somehow stayed dry besides my socks 😉
Anyway this lag although along the coast, goes all the way along a street with a lot of traffic.
Now mosquitos start literally eating me…after rain always comes sunshine, ne 🙂