Chrome phones home

Once Google Chrome has been installed on your Mac, it phones home every couple of minutes.

Google Chrome has some nice features, especially the debugger comes in very hand when doing java script development together with the Angular framwork. It allows to directly debug the TypeScript code used with Angular and the debugger jumps also in, when the Firefox or Safari debugger fails.

So far so good, but ultimatly, I don’t like to have a software on my box, which phones home every couple of minutes.

To get rid of the updater in MacOS 10.11 one can call the updater like this in the terminal:

~/Library/Google/GoogleSoftwareUpdate/GoogleSoftwareUpdate.bundle/Contents/Resources/ksinstall –nuke

To just disable it, seet the intervall to 0:

~/Library/Google/GoogleSoftwareUpdate/GoogleSoftwareUpdate.bundle/Contents/Resources/ksinstall –interval=0



AngularJS looked pretty promising on the first view, but it is complicated to debug and has a steep learning curve. Finally I dropped it for the moment. Then I played around with my own pages and Twitter’s Bottstrap3. Bootstrap is really quite practical and not difficult to understand. I also polished up my knowledge about CSS3, mostly through learning by doing 😉

For the redesign of Muryokoin’s website I also added Boilerplate, which is especially helpful to tighten up security of the webserver. It required also some recoding in the database, which on the end is speeding up the loading of some pages.

I’m still not yet satisfied with the theme of WordPress, so I guess I play a bit around with some other themes until I find one, which I like.

At least all pages are now usable on all devices I tested.