Quite some time passed since my last notes on our journey to India. We settled a bit down now here in Lower Dharamkot and those rainy days kept us calm and not to busy. We also started each a ajurvedic treatment at Dr. Sibys clinic, which will still take some time What I find really annoying in India is that people just trash their rubbish right away on the street. Everywhere is dirt, pet-bottles, paper, shit from cows and dogs and who knows from whom else. Given up cars, trucks sometimes ripped down to a sceleton, half finished conrete ruins. Although it looks like richer states in India are much more clean than those with less money. Wealthy people are obviously more clean … at least on the outside. Tibetans are really teaching a lot, there’s all the time something gonig on here. Tibetan and philosophy courses at the library and different teachings in some monastaries. So we started attending a lecture sesseion about the 4 noble truth by …. Rinpoche. It is very interesting to hear after such a long time again some teachings about this fundamental topic. These are actually not news anymore. The Yogalife TT started nearly 2 weeks ago and we are now pretty much in the middle. People and training are great. I hope I will have some time tomorrow to write some more ….

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