Toilets and Politics

What did I read on the news today? well, if Salam Rushdie would like to kick my ass … but hygienically conditions in India are not really on the same level as I’m used to in Europe or Japan. Usually I don’t have to bring my own toilet paper with me and some toilets are hard to enter without wearing a gas-mask ๐Ÿ˜‰ imho India still has a long way to walk. A lot of Indian people I speak with, are not really happy with their politicians – ok, politicians are anyway a bread of its own, therefore I won’t extend that subject now ๐Ÿ˜‰

Healing or not?
Dharamkot is really amazing, you can heal yourself here either with ayurvedic medicine or spiritually with Yoga and meditation or you can poison yourself with whatever the market has to offer. Today I was sitting in a pizza place and scanning my notes from the Yogalife TT and observing two young Israelian girls rolling, or better to say folding their joints. The first mixture finished on the floor, but after that they became more nifty and one joint followed the next one sometimes interrupted by a pizzabite once in a while. I just smiled into myself remembering myself in the past and going back to my notes, trying to remember different adult learning types.

From next week on we have to teach in groups of 3 a full season of 90 minutes, I’m really looking forward. The week after everyone has to teach one session alone.
The training is really as good as it can be in 4 weeks. The program is tough, it starts every morning at 6 and we usually finish in the evening after 7. Though it is not only tough, but big fun as well thanks to the great people who found their way up to Dharamkot. Teachers are great as well and we meanwhile became friends. However, they are still our teachers and they do their job really well ๐Ÿ™‚Savira, Sanjeev and Poonah from Yogalife

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