Mumbai 4.11.2010

Back in Mumbai

Back where we started, at the Jewel of Chembur in Mumbai. We thought we are on the safe side, after we bought bus tickets to Delhi the same day we arrived in Rishikesh. While we were waiting for the daily bus it turned out that there is no bus today! At least we got the money back for the ticket, but we had then to take a cab to Delhi. These 250km were a tough ride, the road is bad and traffic … better don’t ask. In Dehli we stayed in a Hotel called Prince of Polonia, a friend of us recommended it to us as a clean and convenient place, with a pool on the roof, next to the breakfast table 😉 Looking from the roof, ruins in between living houses and a huge dust-cloud over Dehli, nearly covering the sun. I’m so lucky, that I don’t have to live in such a polluted environment.
When I tried to book a train to Mumbai, no more tickets – it’s Divali in India, the festival for Ram and he decided we have take a plane. GoAir was late and we had the first time to pay for sandwich in the plane! The cab ride to the hotel was a bit like a special stage on a rally, more tiring than coming to Mumbai and the copilot was asleep 😉

Divali Colors

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